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Global agency network

MINDS International has been officially founded as a registered society in September 2007, following an earlier European Union co-funded project. MINDS is a non-profit organization, aimed to support the global digitization of media. Members of MINDS are leading news agencies from all over the world. At present the MINDS network consists of more than 20 member agencies, each of them representing their home market within MINDS. With its members, MINDS is covering all major markets in Europe as well as the most important markets in America, Asia and Oceania. All member agencies are equal at MINDS, regardless their size or financial power.

Objectives and tasks

MINDS’ focus is the digital development of the media, including commercial, editorial and technological aspects. The MINDS network shall give its members access to valuable know-how, new markets and innovative products. MINDS supports the exchange of existing knowledge and experiences of its members as well as joint development of products and strategic projects. Furthermore MINDS is doing research for its members, providing them with regular reports on future media and technology topics.

Cross-linking media executives

One of the most important aspects of MINDS is, that we regularly cross-link senior managers from all business areas of our members – including Chief Executives and Managing Directors, Editors-in-Chief, Commercial and Technology Directors, Heads of Strategy and Business Development. The MINDS Conferences provide the most efficient way to stay in contact with leading agencies on an executive level. During the Conferences participants are developing new ideas all together, discussing strategies and services for the future of media. It is about learning from each other’s ideas and experiences, using existing knowledge from media experts from all over the world and making use of new business opportunities.

Value of MINDS

We see MINDS as an open platform for agency managers in order to share ideas and experiences related to digital media business. We are joining our forces for supporting the media transition to digital on a global scale. MINDS is about supporting its members in being most efficient and finally more successful by providing them with new ideas and impulses. The real value of MINDS is not just its own staff, but the entire network with all the knowledge available at the MINDS members from all over the world. With all partners contributing and sharing we are able to multiply knowledge substantially.

More about MINDS

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Strategic Focus

MINDS focuses on 3 strategic areas - Network, Information, Service

Cross-linking the right people

MINDS cross-links senior managers from all business areas