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The MINDS Board of Directors is one governing body of MINDS, consisting of 5 Board members. The Board is elected once a year by the General Meeting as another governing body of MINDS with each member having one vote, according to the principle that all MINDS members are equal. MINDS Board members have to be part of the management board of a MINDS member agency. Their term of office is one year, a re-elected for another tenure is possible. The MINDS Board is mainly acting as advisory council to the MINDS Managing Director and also as supervisory board.

The current MINDS Board:

Lars Vesterlokke

CEO & Editor in Chief
Ritzau - Ritzaus Bureau A/S

Meinolf Ellers

Deputy Chair Person
Chief Digital Officer
dpa - Deutsche Presse Agentur

Elina Ruha

Board Member
Commercial Director, CFO
STT - Finnish News Agency

Chris Waiting

Board Member
Director, Global Strategy & Development
AP - Associated Press

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