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MINDS Conferences

Twice a year MINDS is organizing Conferences for its members in one of our partners’ countries. The participants are senior

managers from all relevant areas of the MINDS agencies’ business – top management, strategy, technology, marketing & sales, editorial, multimedia. The MINDS Conferences provide a great opportunity for networking with the agencies’ decision makers, for an exchange of thoughts and experiences, for getting impulses for new business development as well as the chance for collaboration in many ways.

The gathering of agency leaders is always accompanied by MINDS Study Tours at leading media and technology companies in the respective country. The Study Tours are also aimed to learn from each other about market developments and experiences, but also for building alliances for a mutual benefit.

MINDS Conferences so far:

24th MINDS Conference Rome

19 - 20 October 2017, Rome

Hosted by: ANSA

Main Topics: 10 years of great minds - 10th anniversary of MINDS by taking a look at the past and in the future

Sponsors: Reporter

Startups: Contentflow, Minty, Picter, Simply Aloud

Workshops: Three workshops linked to efficiency around MINDS' core topics

23rd MINDS Conference Zurich
22nd MINDS Conference Copenhagen
21st MINDS Conference New York City
20th MINDS Conference Paris
19th MINDS Conference Vienna
18th MINDS Conference Stockholm
17th MINDS Conference Madrid
16th MINDS Conference Berlin
15th MINDS Conference Tokyo
14th MINDS Conference Brussels
13th MINDS Conference Moscow
12th MINDS Conference Warsaw
11th MINDS Conference London
10th MINDS Conference Hamburg
9th MINDS Conference Oslo
8th MINDS Conference Paris
7th MINDS Conference Lisbon
6th MINDS Conference New York
5th MINDS Conference Prague
4th MINDS Conference Helsinki
3rd MINDS Conference Zurich
2nd MINDS Conference Amsterdam
1st MINDS Conference Darmstadt
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Our Sponsor at the 22nd MINDS Conference in Copenhagen: 

"The MINDS Conference offered unparalleled access to some of the top executives in the Newswires across the world. The collaborative and open nature of the conference gave us the opportunity to have productive discussions with commercial and editorial leaders in the industry."

Tom Spencer, CoFounder, Cognitives

Our Sponsor at the 20th MINDS Conference in Paris: 
Sava Tatic, Managing Director, Sourcefabric

"The MINDS Conference in Paris gave us the opportunity not only to be in contact with the executives of one of our core target groups but also to learn about the topics they are most interested in or concerned about. We had high-quality leads and discussions, also from companies we didn't expect it from. We are confident to build long-term relationships with several of your member organisations and would be very happy to be reinvited."

Sava Tatic, Managing Director, Sourcefabric