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MINDS Global Spotlight - A new initiative on human trafficking

News agencies from 10 countries have joined in a special news investigation into migrant smuggling in the wake of the refugee crisis sweeping Europe and the continuing troubles throughout the Asia Pacific and the US.

The social and economic impact of migrant smuggling has been well documented.

This first Global Spotlight, under the auspices of news business intelligence network MINDS International, exposes criminal networks preying on vulnerable families dislodged from their homes through war, persecution and poverty.

The comprehensive body of work some six months in development, includes in-depth analysis of migrant smuggling's root causes, travel patterns and the social impact in the world's smuggling hotspots.

Correspondents covered the story from where the problems occur.

It gets face-to-face with smugglers, criminal gangs and victims to fully understand the desperation, the modus operandi and the scale of an ever-growing dark industry.

It dives deep into the scarred communities in the Middle East war zones; from the Southern Sahara; in Europe and the Mediterranean; from South America to Mexico and the US; and across the treacherous waters throughout South East Asia.

This is inspiring journalism from some of the world's most trusted news organisations: Agence France Presse (AFP), Australian Associated Press (AAP), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), EFE, Austrian Presse-Agentur (APA), STT, LUSA, ANSA, CTK and SDA.

It is as insightful as it is moving.

Aside from ventilating an horrific issue, Global Spotlight explores the ways in which authorities are attempting to combat the problem and the challenges that come with this.

It is difficult. In fact no-one appears to have found an answer to this humanitarian crisis. Pressure on governments to collaborate is required to clean up the mess.

What is clear is that locking down borders does not solve the problem; it simply shifts the pain and consigns desperate men, women and children to lives in limbo.

Global Spotlight: Migrant Smuggling is the first of what is envisaged as numerous journalism projects, the MINDS collective of news agencies will undertake. This is not about competition, revenue or brand building; this is about news people doing good globally.

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